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hard in English

  • hard
    adj. 1. like steel, glass, and rock; not soft; not yielding to touch.
    Ex. a hard nut, hard wood.
    (SYN) rigid.
    2. firm; solid; tight.
    Ex. a hard knot.
    3. needing much ability, effort, or time; difficult or troublesome. <

  • hard
    adv. 1. so as to be hard, solid, or firm.
    Ex. The river is frozen hard.
    2. firmly; solidly; tightly.
    Ex. He took me by the hand and held me hard.
    3. with difficulty.
    Ex. to breathe hard.
    4. with steady effort or ene

  • hard
    expr. hard and fast, that cannot be changed or broken; strict.
    Ex. hard and fast rules of behavior.

  • hard
    expr. hard of hearing,
    a. somewhat deaf.
    Ex. You will have to speak up; that old man is very hard of hearing.
    b. persons who are somewhat deaf.
    Ex. The hard of hearing who hate to admit it can just wear glasses [equipped with a

  • hard
    expr. hard put to it, in much difficulty or trouble.
    Ex. He is hard put to it to conceal his irritation (New Statesman).

  • hard
    expr. hard put, having much difficulty or trouble.
    Ex. Others are hard put to keep their drilling programs up to schedule (New York Times).

  • hard
    expr. hard up, (Informal.) needing money or anything else very badly; hard-pressed.
    Ex. The party is not so hard up that it can't find somebody who stuck by his own family (Time).

  • hard
    hard, adjective, adverb.

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