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high in English

  • high
    adj. 1. having height; rising up; tall.
    Ex. a high building, high country. The mountain is 20,000 feet high.
    2. up above or far above the ground or some other base; at a height or from a height.
    Ex. an airplane high in the air, a high

  • high
    adv. at or to a high point, place, rank, amount, degree, price, or pitch.
    Ex. The eagle flies high. Gamblers play high. Strawberries come high in winter. Can you sing high? (Figurative.) Sports stand high in popular attention. (Figurative.) Passio

  • high
    expr. be high on, (Informal.) to be excited about; be especially fond of.
    Ex. Almond goes for obsessions and fatalities and an elliptical style--he's very high on portents (New Yorker).

  • high
    expr. fly high, to have big ideas, plans, hopes, or ambitions.
    Ex. In his youth he saw himself flying high.

  • high
    expr. from (on) high,
    a. from a high place or position.
    Ex. From high in the sky, an eagle slowly winged its way to earth.
    b. from heaven.
    Ex. We, whose souls are lighted With wisdom from on high (Reginald Heber).

  • high
    expr. high and dry,
    a. up out of water.
    Ex. The boat came ashore, high and dry.
    b. (Figurative.) all alone; without help; stranded.
    Ex. The depression left his business high and dry.

  • high
    expr. high and low, everywhere.
    Ex. He searched high and low for his pen.

  • high
    expr. on high,
    a. high above; up in the air.
    Ex. On high, clouds were gathering.
    b. in heaven.
    Ex. When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men (Ephesians 4:8).

  • high
    expr. run high,
    a. to become heated; reach a high pitch.
    Ex. Tempers run high at election time.
    b. to be strong or rough.
    Ex. The tide runs high.

  • high
    high, adjective, adverb, noun.

  • high
    noun 1. a high point, level, or position.
    Ex. Food prices reached a new high last month.
    2. an arrangement of gears to give the greatest speed; high gear.
    Ex. This car can't climb the hills in high.
    3. (Meteorology.) an area of

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