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  • sailor
    adj. like a sailor's.
    Ex. The little boy wore a sailor cap.

  • sailor
    expr. good sailor, a person who does not get seasick.
    Ex. Some of the heartier passengers proved to be good sailors during the stormy voyage and aided those who were ill.

  • sailor
    expr. poor (or bad) sailor, a person who readily becomes seasick.
    Ex. He wished people who were bad sailors would not travel (Mary Bridgman).

  • sailor
    expr. talk sailor, to use nautical language.
    Ex. I ... could talk sailor like an ""old salt"" (Century Magazine).

  • sailor
    noun 1. a person whose work is handling a sailboat or other vessel. In these days most sailors are on ships that are driven by engines.
    2. a member of a ship's crew. The men in a navy are called sailors if they are not officers.
    3. sailor h

  • sailor
    sailor, noun, adjective.

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