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state in English

  • State
    adj. of or having to do with a nation or a state, especially a state of the United States.
    Ex. a State road, State police.

  • state
    adj. 1a. of or having to do with a state of the United States.
    Ex. a state road, state police, a state flag.
    b. of, having to do with, or belonging to the civil government or highest civil power or authority.
    Ex. state control.

  • state
    energy level orstate
    (Physics.) (in quantum theory) one of the usually stable states of energy of a physical system. In the atom, electrons cluster about the nucleus in various energy levels.
    Ex. Each nucleus has discrete energy states, and in

  • state
    expr. be in a state, (Informal.)
    a. to be in a bad or disordered condition.
    Ex. He leaves things lying around, and look what a state his room is in!
    b. to be in an agitated or excited condition of mind or feeling.
    Ex. Don't you

  • state
    expr. lie in state, to lie in a coffin to be seen formally and publicly before being buried.
    Ex. The dead king lay in state one day in the main hall of the royal palace.

  • state
    expr. states or States, the bodies from which a national legislature, such as the States-General, was formed; estates (chiefly in historical use).
    Ex. The Elector Frederick William III in 1701, in an assembly of the States, was accorded the title o

  • State
    expr. the States, the United States (used especially abroad).
    Ex. [The trend] apparently started in the States, where women are now said to own more capital than men (Punch).

  • state
    noun 1. the condition of a person or thing at a certain time; situation.
    Ex. the state of the weather, a state of war, a person's state of mind, the state of our present knowledge of the solar system. He is in a state of poor health. The house is i

  • State
    noun 1a. a state, as of the United States (used especially in its official name).
    Ex. The State of Texas is one of the United States.
    b. a nation.
    2. the territory, government, or authority of a state.
    Ex. Never any State was ..

  • state
    state, noun, adjective, verb, stated,stating.

  • State
    State, noun, adjective.

  • state
    v.t. 1. to tell in speech or writing; express; say.
    Ex. to state one's reasons. State your opinion of the new school rules.
    (SYN) declare.
    2. to set forth formally or in proper form.
    Ex. to state a question, to state a case. Eve

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