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stretch in Bengali বাংলা

stretch in Maithili মৈথিলী

stretch in Tamil தமிழ்

stretch in English

  • stretch
    adj. of a material that stretches easily to fit all sizes.
    Ex. stretch socks, stretch pants.

  • stretch
    adj. stretchable.

  • stretch
    expr. stretch a point. See under point.

  • stretch
    expr. stretch one's legs. See under leg.

  • stretch
    expr. the stretch, home stretch.

  • stretch
    noun 1a. an unbroken length or extent.
    Ex. A stretch of sand hills lay between the road and the ocean.
    b. an uninterrupted period.
    Ex. to work for a stretch of five hours.
    2. (Slang.)
    a. a term of imprisonment.

  • stretch
    stretch, verb, noun, adjective.

  • stretch
    v.i. 1. to extend one's body, or limbs at full length, as in lying down, yawning, or reaching.
    Ex. She stretched out on the couch.
    2. to continue over a distance; fill space; spread.
    Ex. The forest stretches for miles. The hours stretc

  • stretch
    v.t. 1. to draw out; extend (oneself, body, limbs, wings, or the like) to full length.
    Ex. The bird stretched its wings. He stretched himself out on the grass to rest.
    2. to extend so as to reach from one place to another or across a space.

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