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bone in English

  • bone
    adj. boneless.

  • bone
    adj. bonelike.

  • bone
    adj. pale-beige.

  • bone
    adv. bonelessly.

  • bone
    adv. completely; totally; utterly.
    Ex. a Europe weary, bone weary, of the wars (Wall Street Journal).

  • bone
    bone, noun, verb, boned,boning,adjective, adverb.

  • bone
    expr. bone up on, to become familiar with.
    Ex. to bone up on medieval art.

  • bone
    expr. bones,
    a. (U.S. Slang.) dice.
    Ex. On the board he whirled a pair of bones (John Skelton).
    b. wooden clappers used in keeping time to music, especially as an accompaniment to a banjo or similar instrument.
    Ex. Amateur negro

  • bone
    expr. feel (or feel it) in one's bones, to have a sure intuition of (something); feel certain about (something).
    Ex. I felt in my bones no good could come of it (J. H. Beadle).

  • bone
    expr. have a bone to pick, to have cause for argument or complaint.

  • bone
    expr. make no bones about, (Informal.) to show no hesitation about; acknowledge readily.
    Ex. The town's teenagers make no bones about their displeasure with the curfew (Parade).

  • bone
    expr. near the bone,
    a. very exacting or mean.
    Ex. The captain's unreasonably stern ideas of discipline were too near the bone and the crew rebelled.
    b. almost obscene.
    Ex. The story was very near the bone and most embarrassing.

  • bone
    expr. throw a bone, to grant a concession so as to soothe or quiet.
    Ex. He was also quick to throw a bone in the workers' direction, ordering the minimum wage ... doubled immediately (Time).

  • bone
    expr. to the bone,
    a. so as to strike the bone.
    Ex. He cut his finger to the bone.
    b. (Figurative.) to the limit.
    Ex. He slashed his expenditures to the bone, living like a pauper.

  • bone
    noun 1. one of the pieces of the skeleton of an animal with a backbone.
    Ex. the bones of the hand, a beef bone for soup.
    2. the hard substance of which bones are made. It consists of animal matter, ossein, and carbonate and phosphate of lime

  • bone
    v.i. 1. to apply oneself diligently or determinedly.
    2. (Slang.) to study hard.

  • bone
    v.t. 1. to take bones out of.
    Ex. We boned the fish before eating it.
    2. to stiffen (garments) by putting in strips of whalebone, steel, or other springy material.

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