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  • beat
    adj. beatable.

  • beat
    adj. 1. (U.S. Informal.) worn out; tired; exhausted.
    Ex. Quite beat and very much vexed (Dickens).
    2. (U.S. Informal.) overcome by astonishment; taken aback.
    3. (Slang.) of or characteristic of a beatnik or beatniks.
    Ex. beat po

  • beat
    beat, verb, beat,beatenorbeat,beating,noun, adjective.

  • beat
    expr. beat (all) hollow, to beat completely.
    Ex. This Scotch phenomenon ... Beats Alexander hollow (Robert Southey).

  • beat
    expr. beat about, to search around; try to discover something.
    Ex. I am always beating about in my thoughts for something that may turn to the benefit of my dear country (Manchester Guardian).

  • beat
    expr. beat around (or about) the bush. See under bush (1).

  • beat
    expr. beat back, to force or push back.
    Ex. The policemen beat back the rioting mob.

  • beat
    expr. beat down, (Informal.)
    a. to force to set a lower price.
    Ex. Though the customer tried hard to beat him down, the shopkeeper's price remained firm.
    b. to force down (a price), as by argument or haggling.
    Ex. It [usury] bea

  • beat
    expr. beat it, (U.S. Slang.) to go away.
    Ex. When things aren't going well, he'll just beat it (Time).

  • beat
    expr. beat off, to drive away (from) by blows; drive or force back.
    Ex. He beat off the savage dog.

  • beat
    expr. beat out,
    a. to communicate by beats.
    Ex. He ... heard the hammer of his heart beating out a reply (Graham Greene).
    b. to keep time with (music or rhythm).
    Ex. The children's feet were busy beating out the tune.

  • beat
    expr. beat up, (Slang.) to thrash soundly.
    Ex. The boy's friends beat up the bully who tried to take away his candy.

  • beat
    expr. beats, the alternation of small waves with large ones produced by winds over a body of water.
    Ex. If the two sets [of waves] are approaching from approximately the same angle, the result is a series of beats, or alternation of several small w

  • beat
    expr. off (or out of) one's beat,
    a. not at one's regular work.
    Ex. The watchman is off his beat on Sundays.
    b. (Informal.) not in one's sphere of knowledge or concern.
    Ex. Africa and America lay somewhere out of their beat (Tho

  • beat
    expr. on (the) beat,
    a. on the rhythm being played.
    Ex. The orchestra was not on beat and everything sounded jumbled up.
    b. at the same time as the rhythmbeing played.
    Ex. The singer didn't come in on beat; so the pianist starte

  • beat
    expr. see (or hear) the beat of, (Especially U.S. Dialect.) to see or hear a person, thing, or event that surpasses or excels.
    Ex. I never saw the beat of him for elegance (O. Henry).

  • beat
    noun 1. a stroke or blow made again and again.
    Ex. the beat of waves on a beach. We heard the beat of the drum.
    2. a throb.
    Ex. The doctor listened to the beat of the sick man's heart.
    (SYN) pulsation.
    3. the basic unit o

  • beat
    v.i. 1. to strike repeatedly; pound.
    Ex. The boy beat so hard on the door that the glass broke.
    2. to throb.
    Ex. Her heart beats fast with joy.
    (SYN) pulsate.
    3. to make a sound by being struck.
    Ex. The drums beat l

  • beat
    v.t. 1. to strike again and again; strike; whip; thrash.
    Ex. The cruel rider beat his horse.
    2. to drive by blows; force by blows.
    Ex. The explorer beat his way through the thick undergrowth with his long knife.
    3. to dash or st

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