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  • card
    card (1), noun, verb.

  • card
    card (2), noun, verb.

  • card
    expr. card up one's sleeve, a plan in reserve; extra help kept back until needed.
    Ex. There was no question in Western capitals that the Russians had many more cards up their sleeves (New York Times).

  • card
    expr. cards,
    a. a game or games played with a pack of playing cards.
    b. playing such games.
    Ex. Many of the people at the party were busy at cards.

  • card
    expr. give cards and spades, (U.S. Informal.) to give or concede a generous advantage (in allusion to the scoring in cassino).
    Ex. The calentura [a tropical fever] can give cards and spades to yellow fever in the game of death (New York World).

  • card
    expr. hold all the cards, to have complete control (over).
    Ex. Ask [him] about politics; he holds all the cards (New Yorker).

  • card
    expr. in (or on) the cards, likely to happen; possible.
    Ex. It was on the cards [that] Ireland should not belong to France (John Stuart Mill).

  • card
    expr. lay (or put) one's cards on the table, to show what one has or can do; be perfectly frank about something.
    Ex. Let them [writers] actually lay their cards on the table, so that critics, reviewers, and other serious students of literature can

  • card
    expr. pack cards with, (Archaic.) to make a cheating arrangement with.
    Ex. The poor King tried ... to pack cards with fortune (Justin H. McCarthy).

  • card
    expr. play one's cards, to deal or act in a calculating manner to gain an end.
    Ex. If you play your cards well, the old man will leave you all his money.

  • card
    expr. play the ______card, to use a (specified) tactic to gain an advantage.
    Ex. He plays the human rights card by noting that violators such as Argentina ... and Ethiopia were recipients of some $600 millions (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

  • card
    expr. show one's cards, to reveal one's plans.
    Ex. He was a hard-boiled guy, and he had learned his lesson ... He wasn't going to show his cards to nobody again (James T. Farrell).

  • card
    expr. speak by the card, to speak precisely.
    Ex. I speak by the card in order to avoid entanglement of words (Benjamin Jowett).

  • card
    expr. stack the cards, to arrange secretly or unfairly.
    Ex. In purely economic terms the cards are now stacked heavily in the companies' favor (Manchester Guardian Weekly). The way the cards are stacked against a young fellow today, I can't say I a

  • card
    expr. sure (or safe, likely, etc.) card,
    a. a certainty or likelihood.
    Ex. We have one sure card, which is to carry him before Justice Frolick (Henry Fielding).
    b. a person whose action, or the use of whose name, will ensure success.

  • card
    expr. throw up one's cards, to give up.
    Ex. He ... threw up his cards and foreswore his game for that time and always (Thomas Hardy).

  • card
    noun carder.

  • card
    noun 1. a flat piece of stiff paper, thin cardboard, or plastic, usually small and rectangular. A card is designed to have written or printed matter on it.
    Ex. a postal card, a membership card.
    2a. a piece of cardboard or paper, often folded

  • card
    noun 1a. a toothed tool or wire brush used to separate, clean, and straighten the fibers of wool, cotton, flax, or the like, before spinning.
    b. carding machine.
    2. a wire brush used to clean the grooves of a metal file.
    3. a similar

  • card
    v.t. to clean or comb with such a tool or wire brush, or in a carding machine.
    Ex. to card wool for spinning.

  • card
    v.t. 1. to provide with a card or cards.
    2. to write or enter on a card or cards; list.
    3. to score.
    Ex. Ike finished the round, carding a flashy 40 (Time).
    4. to fix on a card; attach to a card.
    5. to attach by means of

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