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corrupt in Tamil தமிழ்

corrupt in Urdu اُردُو

corrupt in English

  • corrupt
    adj. 1. morally bad; evil; wicked.
    Ex. a corrupt man, corrupt desires. The thief led a corrupt life.
    2. influenced by bribes; dishonest.
    Ex. a corrupt judge.
    (SYN) venal.
    3. changed in meaning or form, or deviating from t

  • corrupt
    adv. corruptly.

  • corrupt
    corrupt, adjective, verb.

  • corrupt
    noun corrupter, corruptor.

  • corrupt
    noun corruptness.

  • corrupt
    v.i. 1. to become corrupt or corrupted; become debased.
    2. to become putrid; undergo decomposition; rot; decay.
    (SYN) putrefy.

  • corrupt
    v.t. 1. to make evil or wicked.
    Ex. Bad company may corrupt a good boy.
    (SYN) debase, deprave.
    2. to bribe.
    Ex. That policeman cannot be corrupted.
    (SYN) demoralize.
    3. to change in meaning or form or deviate from

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