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  • country
    adj. 1. of the country; in the country; rural.
    Ex. He likes hearty country food and fresh country air.
    (SYN) rustic.
    2. characteristic of the country.
    Ex. country manners, country wit.
    (SYN) unpolished.
    3. (Dialect

  • country
    country, noun, pl.-tries,adjective.

  • country
    expr. across (the) country, more or less directly from one point to another without regard to roads, railroad lines, etc..
    Ex. He was directed to hasten thither across the country (Macaulay).

  • country
    expr. appeal (or go) to the country, (Especially British.) to hold a general election.
    Ex. The Prime Minister, because his Government has been defeated on a major issue in the House of Commons, ... considers that the time has come for appealing to

  • Country
    Lake District orCountry
    a region of beautiful mountains and lakes in northwestern England, associated with William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey, and other English poets.

  • country
    noun 1. land, region, or district.
    Ex. The country around the mining town was rough and hilly.
    2a. all the land of a nation.
    Ex. He came from France, a country across the sea.
    b. the people of a nation.
    Ex. The whole count

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