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crater in Bengali বাংলা

crater in Hindi हिन्दी

crater in English

  • crater
    crater (1), noun, verb.

  • crater
    crater (2), noun.
    a person or thing that packs or stores goods in a crate.

  • Crater
    Crater, noun, genitiveCrateris.
    a southern constellation between Hydra and Leo, supposed to represent a vase with two handles and a base; Cup.

  • crater
    noun 1. an opening at the top of a volcano, shaped like a bowl.
    2. a hole in the ground shaped like a bowl.
    Ex. The battlefield was full of craters made by exploding shells. The meteor crashed to earth, forming a huge crater.
    3. a rou

  • crater
    v.i. to form a crater or hollow.

  • crater
    v.t. to cover (a highway or other flat area) with craterlike holes, as by heavy bombing.
    Ex. The runways were effectively cratered and planes were destroyed on the ground (Dwight D. Eisenhower).

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