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double in English

  • double
    adj. 1. twice as much, as many, as large, or as strong.
    Ex. a double dip of ice cream. The man was given double pay for working on Sunday.
    (SYN) twofold.
    2. for two.
    Ex. a double room.
    3. made of two like parts; in a pair

  • double
    adv. 1. twice; doubly.
    Ex. He was paid double by mistake. Be double careful when you cross the street.
    2. two (of everything) instead of one.
    Ex. The blow on the head made him see double.
    3. two together.
    Ex. ... thy hand

  • double
    double or nothing
    the doubling of a bet or of the stakes in order to retrieve or cancel out previous losses.

  • double
    double, adjective, adverb, noun, verb, -bled,-bling.

  • double
    double, adjective.
    having or made with a doublure.
    Ex. a doublebinding.

  • double
    expr. double back,
    a. to fold over.
    Ex. It ruins a book to double back the pages as a bookmark.
    b. to go back the same way that one came.
    Ex. The fox doubled back to avoid capture.

  • double
    expr. double up,
    a. to fold up; curl up.
    Ex. He spent the rainy day doubled up on the sofa, reading.
    b. to bend over.
    Ex. He doubled up with laughter.
    c. to share room, bed, or quarters with another.
    Ex. Since there

  • double
    expr. doubles, a game of tennis, etc., with two players on each side.
    Ex. Pat Ward, Great Britain, and Christiane Mercelis, Belgium, won the women's doubles (New York Times).

  • double
    expr. on (or at) the double,
    a. quickly.
    Ex. The policeman answered the call for help on the double. Our Exeter hose goes happily into the washer, does not shrink, and dries on the double (Wall Street Journal). For two days he was all smiles

  • double
    noun doubleness.

  • double
    noun 1. a number or amount that is twice as much.
    Ex. Four is the double of two.
    2. a person or thing just like another.
    Ex. Here is the double of your lost glove.
    (SYN) counterpart.
    3. a substitute. In a motion picture a

  • double
    v.i. 1. to become twice as much or as many.
    Ex. Money left in a savings bank will double in about twenty years.
    2. to take the place of another; substitute.
    Ex. The principal is doubling for the teacher today. The understudy doubled fo

  • double
    v.t. 1. to make twice as much or twice as many.
    Ex. He doubled his money in ten years by investing it wisely.
    2. to fold; bend.
    Ex. He doubled his slice of bread to make a sandwich.
    3. to close tightly together; clench.

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