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  • down
    adj. 1. in a lower place or condition.
    Ex. The sun is down.
    2. going or pointed down.
    Ex. the down train, a down escalator.
    3. sick; ill.
    Ex. She is down with a cold.
    4. sad; discouraged.
    Ex. He felt down abou

  • down
    adv. 1. from a higher to a lower place or condition.
    Ex. They ran down from the top of the hill. The soldiers laid down their arms.
    2. in a lower place or condition.
    Ex. Down in the valley the fog still lingers.
    (SYN) below. <

  • down
    down (1), adverb, preposition, adjective, verb, noun.

  • down
    down (2), noun.
    1. soft feathers.
    Ex. a pillow made of down, the down of a young bird.
    2. soft hair or fluff.
    Ex. The down on a boy's chin develops into a beard.
    3. (Botany.)
    a. a fine, soft hair on some plants and f

  • down
    down (3), noun.
    a mound or ridge of sand heaped up by the wind; dune.

  • Down
    Down, noun.
    any one of certain breeds of sheep originally of the hills of Southern England (the Downs).

  • down
    expr. be down on, (Informal.) to be angry at; have a grudge against; show disapproval or dislike of.
    Ex. The other players were down on him for quitting the game. In the next issue of the paper Mr. Henry Fairlie was down on Mr. Grimond ""like a car

  • down
    expr. down and out, completely without health, money, friends, or other resources; wretched; forsaken.
    Ex. The old tramp was down and out without any place to turn for help.

  • down
    expr. down with,
    a. to put down; throw down.
    Ex. Down with tyranny! Down with your guns!
    b. to get rid of.
    Ex. Down with the lords of the forest [i.e. trees] (Charles Mackay).

  • down
    expr. downs, rolling, grassy land.

  • down
    noun 1. a piece of bad luck.
    Ex. the ups and downs of life.
    2a. a chance to move a football forward. A team has four downs to make ten or more yards.
    b. the declaring of the ball as down, or the play leading to this.
    3. a downw

  • down
    prep. down along, through, or into.
    Ex. You can ride down a hill, walk down a street, or sail down a river.

  • down
    v.i. to get down; lie down.
    Ex. Down, Fido!

  • down
    v.t. 1. to put, throw, knock, or get down.
    Ex. He downed the medicine at one swallow. He was downed in a fight.
    2. to defeat.
    Ex. Our baseball team downed Lincoln High School.

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