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drag in English

  • drag
    drag, verb, dragged,dragging,noun.

  • drag
    expr. drag in, to bring (something irrelevant) into a discussion.
    Ex. Whatever we talk about, you drag in stamp collecting.

  • drag
    expr. drag on (or out),
    a. to make or be too slow.
    Ex. The events of the day drag themselves on tediously in such a country house (Anthony Trollope).
    b. to make or last too long.
    Ex. The barking of the neighbor's dogs dragged on

  • drag
    expr. drag one's feet (or heels). See under feet and heel (1).

  • drag
    noun 1. a net, hook, implement, or device used in dragging.
    2. the act of dragging.
    3. a thing dragged.
    4. (Figurative.) anything that holds back; obstruction; hindrance.
    Ex. That lazy, complaining boy is a drag on the team. So

  • drag
    v.i. 1. to move along heavily or slowly.
    Ex. The crippled old man dragged along slowly.
    (SYN) trail.
    2. to go too slowly.
    Ex. Time drags when you have nothing to do.
    3. to lag.
    Ex. The baritone was dragging.

  • drag
    v.t. 1. to pull along heavily or slowly; pull or draw along the ground.
    Ex. A team of horses dragged the big log out of the forest.
    (SYN) haul, tug.
    2. to pull a net or hook along for some purpose; search.
    Ex. The fishermen drag

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