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fight in English

  • fight
    adj. fightable.

  • fight
    expr. fight back, to offer resistance; show fight.
    Ex. They had no heart to fight back.

  • fight
    expr. fight it out, to fight until one side wins.
    Ex. I propose to fight it out on this line, if it takes all summer (Ulysses S. Grant).

  • fight
    expr. fight shy of, to keep away from; avoid.
    Ex. I have ... had to fight shy of invitations that would exhaust time and spirits (Washington Irving).

  • fight
    expr. fights, (Obsolete.) a protective screen for sailors on warships during battle.
    Ex. Fights ... hang round about the ship, to hinder men from being seen in fight (John Phillips).

  • fight
    expr. show fight, to resist; be ready to fight.
    Ex. Until ... something or another happens to make little Eleanor show fight (Henry Kingsley).

  • fight
    fight, noun, verb, fought,fighting.

  • fight
    noun 1. a violent struggle; combat or conflict; battle; contest.
    Ex. a street fight, a dog fight, a long fight for justice. A fight ends when one side gives up.
    2. an angry dispute; quarrel.
    Ex. Their fights were always over money. <

  • fight
    v.i. 1. to take part in a fight.
    Ex. When boys fight they hit one another. Soldiers fight by shooting with guns. Countries fight with armies.
    2. to dispute angrily; contend; struggle.
    Ex. (Figurative.) We may fight against our own feel

  • fight
    v.t. 1. to take part in a fight against; war against.
    Ex. to fight disease. (Figurative.) She will not fight her fear of the dark. For some were sunk ... and so could fight us no more (Tennyson).
    2. to carry on (a fight, conflict, or struggl

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