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fish in English

  • fish
    adj. fishless.

  • fish
    adj. fishlike.

  • fish
    adj. of or having to do with fishes, fishing, or the sale of fish.

  • fish
    expr. fish in troubled waters. See under troubled waters.

  • fish
    expr. fish or cut bait, (U.S.) to make a choice; make up one's mind; stop vacillating.
    Ex. One of the attributes of an administrator is his ability to stick his neck out, ... to decide what side of the fence he is on and to take a stand there, to f

  • fish
    expr. fish out of water, a person who is out of his element; stranger.
    Ex. Is there a chance of his finding a kindred soul at Newell Hall, so that he will not be a fish out of water? (London Times).

  • fish
    expr. fish out,
    a. to use up the supply of fish in.
    Ex. That stream is completely fished out.
    b. (Figurative.) to get (information) by careful inquiry or subtle methods.
    Ex. ... an admirable knack of fishing out the secrets of h

  • fish
    expr. have other fish to fry, (Informal.) to have other things to do.
    Ex. I've got other things in hand ... I've got other fish to fry (Margaret Oliphant).

  • fish
    expr. make fish of one and flesh (or fowl) of another, to treat two persons differently; show partiality or favor.
    Ex. This is making fish of one and fowl of another with a vengeance (Manchester Examiner).

  • fish
    expr. neither fish nor fowl, a person or thing that does not fit into any group or class.
    Ex. Four years after college, the man with an M.D. is neither fish nor fowl; if he wants to do clinical work he needs another three to five years hospital exp

  • fish
    fish, noun, pl.fishesor (collectively)fish,verb, adjective.

  • fish
    noun 1. an animal that lives in water, is covered with scales, has gills to breathe with, and has a long backbone for support. Fish are cold-blooded and usually have fins for swimming. Some fishes lay eggs in the water; others produce living young.

  • fish
    razor clam orfish
    any one of various bivalve mollusks with a long, narrow shell.

  • fish
    v.i. 1. to catch fish; try to catch fish.
    Ex. Though we sat in the boat and fished for hours we didn't catch anything.
    2. to try for something as if with a hook.
    Ex. He fished with a stick for his watch, which had fallen through a grat

  • fish
    v.t. 1. to catch (fish); try to catch (fish).
    Ex. to fish trout. Thou hast fished salmon a thousand times (Scott).
    2. to try to catch fish in.
    Ex. He fished the stream for trout.
    3. (Figurative.) to search through as by fishing.

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