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fresh in English

  • fresh
    adj. 1. newly made, arrived, or gathered; recent.
    Ex. fresh vegetables. On it were the fresh footmarks of a little animal (John Tyndall).
    2. not known, seen, or used before; new; recent.
    Ex. Is there any fresh news from home?

  • fresh
    adv. freshly; newly.
    Ex. She has a charming fresh colour--Yes, when it is fresh put on (Richard Brinsley Sheridan).

  • fresh
    fresh (1), adjective, adverb, noun.

  • fresh
    fresh (2), adjective.
    (Informal.) too bold; impudent; forward.
    Ex. She rose and in a loud voice cried: ""Say, you're too fresh! Where d'ye think ye are?"" (Alan Dale).
    (SYN) saucy, presumptuous, impertinent, obtrusive.

  • fresh
    noun freshness.

  • fresh
    noun 1. the fresh or early part of a day, year, or other period of time or the beginning of something.
    Ex. The robins ... keep on pretending it is the fresh of the year (James Russell Lowell).
    2. a pool, spring, or stream of fresh water. <

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