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gill in English

  • gill
    adj. gill-like.

  • gill
    expr. gills,
    a. the fine, thin, leaflike structures on the underside of a mushroom.
    b. the flesh under a person's jaws.
    Ex. to look green around the gills.
    c. the red, hanging flesh under the throat of a fowl; wattles.

  • gill
    expr. to the gills, very fully; to capacity.
    Ex. The house is stuffed to the gills with food but it's all for Christmas (Punch).

  • gill
    gill (1), noun, verb.

  • gill
    gill (2), noun.
    a small liquid measure, equal to one fourth of a pint. One gill is half a cup or .1183 liter.

  • gill
    gill (3), noun.
    1. a ravine; glen.
    2. a stream in a ravine. Also, ghyll.

  • gill
    gill (4), noun.
    1. (Dialect.) the ground ivy.
    2. (Obsolete.) a woman; girl. Also, jill.

  • gill
    noun a part of the body of a fish, tadpole, crab, or other animal that lives in water, by which it breathes in water. Oxygen passes in and carbon dioxide passes out through the thin walls of the gills.

  • gill
    v.t. 1. to catch (fish) by the gills in a gill net.
    2. to clean (fish).
    3. to cut away the gills of (a mushroom).

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