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glory in Maithili মৈথিলী

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glory in Urdu اُردُو

glory in English

  • glory
    expr. go to glory, to die.
    Ex. Tell her you found me going to glory (Harriet Beecher Stowe).

  • glory
    expr. in one's glory, in a state of greatest satisfaction or enjoyment.
    Ex. He's in his glory when he can sing before an audience.

  • glory
    glory, noun, pl.-ries,verb, -ried,-rying.

  • glory
    noun 1. great praise and honor given to a person or thing by others; fame; renown.
    Ex. His heroic act won him glory. The paths of glory lead but to the grave (Thomas Gray).
    (SYN) distinction.
    2. something that brings praise and honor;

  • glory
    v.i. to be proud; rejoice (in).
    Ex. to glory in success. The parents gloried in their children's achievements. The United States has traditionally gloried in its revolutionary heritage (Saturday Review).

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