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grab in English

  • grab
    adj. grabbable.

  • grab
    expr. have the grab on, (British Slang.) to have great advantage of.
    Ex. Burglars always have the grab on the police because burglars know where and when the act will take place.

  • grab
    expr. up for grabs, (U.S. Slang.) ready for the taking or seizing; available.
    Ex. 21 GOP seats are up for grabs [in the House of Representatives] (Newsweek).

  • grab
    grab (1), verb, grabbed,grabbing,noun.

  • grab
    grab (2), noun.
    a sailing ship with a long, sharp bow and usually two masts with lateen sails, drawing little water, used along the Malabar Coast of India.

  • grab
    noun grabber.

  • grab
    noun 1. a snatching; a sudden seizing.
    Ex. He made a grab at the butterfly.
    2. something that is grabbed.
    3. a mechanical device for firmly holding something that is to be lifted or raised.
    Ex. Cranes and mechanical grabs heave

  • grab
    v.i. to make a grab or snatch; snatch (at).
    (SYN) clutch.

  • grab
    v.t. 1. to grasp or seize suddenly; snatch.
    Ex. The dog grabbed the meat and ran.
    (SYN) clutch.
    2. to take possession of in an unscrupulous manner.
    Ex. to grab land.
    3. to capture; arrest.
    Ex. The police grabbed the

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