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hatch in Tamil தமிழ்

hatch in Urdu اُردُو

hatch in English

  • hatch
    hatch (1), verb, noun.

  • hatch
    hatch (2), noun, verb.

  • hatch
    hatch (3), verb, noun.

  • hatch
    noun a line or stroke for shading; hachure.

  • hatch
    noun 1a. an opening in a ship's deck. A ship's cargo is loaded through the hatch.
    b. a wood or metal cover for such an opening.
    2a. an opening in a floor, roof of a building, etc. The escape hatch in an airplane permits passengers to get ou

  • hatch
    noun 1a. the act of hatching; incubation.
    b. the brood hatched.
    Ex. There are twelve chickens in this hatch.
    2. anything that is hatched.
    Ex. Such things become the hatch and brood of time (Shakespeare).

  • hatch
    v.i. 1. to come out from the egg.
    Ex. Three of the chickens hatched today.
    2. to develop to be young animals; bring forth young.
    Ex. Not all eggs hatch properly.

  • hatch
    v.t. to close with or as if with a hatch.

  • hatch
    v.t. 1. to bring forth (young) from an egg or eggs.
    Ex. A hen hatches chickens.
    2. to keep (an egg or eggs) warm until the young come out.
    Ex. The heat of the sun hatches turtles' eggs.
    3. (Figurative.)
    a. to arrange; pla

  • hatch
    v.t. 1. to draw, cut, or engrave fine parallel lines on.
    2. to inlay with narrow strips or lines of a different material.

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