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intent in Dogri डोगरी

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intent in Urdu اُردُو

intent in English

  • intent
    adv. intently.

  • intent
    expr. to all intents and purposes, in almost every way; almost; practically.
    Ex. The materials are so hardened and knit together that to all intents and purposes they form one solid mass (Ruskin).

  • intent
    intent (1), noun.
    1. a purpose; intention; that which is intended.
    Ex. I'm sorry I hurt you; that wasn't my intent. The thief shot with intent to kill. This is called criminal intent.
    2. meaning; significance.
    Ex. What is the inte

  • intent
    intent (2), adjective.
    1. very attentive; having the eyes or thoughts earnestly fixed on something; earnest.
    Ex. A stare is an intent look. He was intent on a task.
    (SYN) intense, keen.
    2. earnestly engaged; much interested.

  • intent
    noun intentness.

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