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  • jar
    expr. on the jar, slightly open; ajar.
    Ex. I see Mrs. Bardell's street door on the jar (Dickens).

  • jar
    jar (1), noun.
    1. a deep container made of glass, earthenware, or stone, with a wide mouth and no spout. It sometimes has two handles, and is usually cylindrical in shape.
    2. the amount that a jar can hold; jarful.
    Ex. The boy claims th

  • jar
    jar (2), verb, jarred,jarring,noun.

  • jar
    jar (3), noun.
    a turn; turning.

  • jar
    noun 1. a harsh vibration; shake; rattle.
    Ex. The violin took an awful jar when it fell to the floor, but didn't break in its case.
    2. a harsh, grating noise.
    Ex. Bolt and bar Resumed their place with sullen jar (Scott).
    3. a sl

  • jar
    v.i. 1. to make a harsh, grating noise.
    (SYN) scrape, grate.
    2. to shake; rattle.
    Ex. The windows jar when the wind blows.
    3. to clash; quarrel; conflict.
    Ex. We did not get on well together; our opinions always jarred.

  • jar
    v.t. 1. to cause to shake or rattle; vibrate.
    Ex. Your heavy footsteps jar my table. It [music] fills the vast pile and seems to jar the very walls (Washington Irving).
    2. to have a harsh, unpleasant effect on; shock.
    Ex. The children'

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