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just in Bengali বাংলা

just in Malayalam മലയാളം

just in Urdu اُردُو

just in English

  • just
    adj. 1. right; fair.
    Ex. a just price, a just principal. O just but severe law! (Shakespeare).
    (SYN) impartial, equitable.
    2. deserved; merited.
    Ex. a just reward.
    (SYN) due, rightful, legitimate.
    3. having good gr

  • just
    adv. 1. no more than; only; merely.
    Ex. We are just an ordinary family, neither rich nor poor. I just have the knack of foreseeing things (Lord Dunsany).
    2. barely.
    Ex. I just caught the train. The shot just missed the mark.

  • just
    expr. just now,
    a. only a very short time ago.
    Ex. I saw him just now. My barber told me just now that there is a fellow come to town ... (John Ford).
    b. exactly at this moment; at present.
    Ex. The Prince of Devils is just now m

  • just
    just (1), adverb, adjective.

  • just
    just (2), noun, intransitive verb. joust. ??noun juster.

  • just
    noun justness.

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