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law in English

  • law
    expr. go to law, to appeal to law courts; contest in a lawsuit.
    Ex. The partners could not agree on splitting their profits and had to go to law to settle the matter.

  • law
    expr. lay down the law,
    a. to give orders that must be obeyed.
    Ex. There is no official to lay down the law on this question. There is no official ministry view on chastity ... to lay down the law on this subject (New York Times).

  • law
    expr. read law, to study to be a lawyer.
    Ex. He's reading law at Harvard.

  • law
    expr. take the law into one's own hands, to protect one's rights or punish a crime without appealing to law courts.
    Ex. The new marshal arrested the vigilantes who had taken the law into their own hands.

  • law
    law (1), noun, verb.

  • law
    law (2), adjective, adverb, noun.
    (Obsolete.) low (1).

  • Law
    Law, noun.the
    1. the first five books of the Old Testament that contain the Mosaic law.
    2a. the Old Testament, as containing the Mosaic law.
    b. the part of the Bible setting this forth.
    c. the Pentateuch, especially as one of th

  • law
    noun 1. a rule or regulation made by a country or state for all the people who live there.
    Ex. Good citizens obey the laws. Organized group control ... is composed of the laws on the statute book and of the attitudes of the people toward these laws

  • law
    v.i. (Informal.) to go to law; bring a lawsuit.
    Ex. Your husband's ... given to lawing, they say (George Eliot).

  • law
    v.t. (Dialect or Informal.) to bring a lawsuit against; sue.
    Ex. One sends me a challenge; another laws me; but I shall keep them all off (Horatio Nelson).

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