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limit in English

  • limit
    adj. limitable.

  • limit
    expr. limits,
    a. bounds.
    Ex. Keep within the limits of the school grounds. As things stand now, Michaels is a healthy man, within limits (Newsweek).
    b. territories or regions.
    Ex. At length into the limits of the north They came

  • limit
    expr. the limit, (Slang.) as much as, or more than, one can stand.
    Ex. You naughty little boy, you are really the limit!

  • limit
    limit, noun, verb.

  • limit
    noun limitableness.

  • limit
    noun 1. the farthest edge or boundary; where something ends or must end; final point, such as to extent, amount, or procedure.
    Ex. the limit of vision. I have reached the limit of my patience. Laws put a limit on the authority of policemen, judges,

  • limit
    v.t. 1. to set a limit to; restrict.
    Ex. We must limit the expense to $10. Her food was limited to bread and water.
    (SYN) restrain, check.
    2. (Law.) to assign definitely.
    Ex. to limit an estate over to someone.

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