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  • one
    (suffix.) ketone, as in ?acetone, progesterone.

  • one
    adj. 1. being a single unit or individual.
    Ex. one apple, one dollar. A person has one head and one neck.
    (SYN) a, any.
    2. some.
    Ex. One day he will be sorry.
    3. of a single kind, nature, or character; the same.

  • one
    expr. all one,
    a. just the same.
    Ex. 'Twere all one That I should love a bright particular star, And think to wed it, he is so above me (Shakespeare).
    b. making no difference; of no consequence.

  • one
    expr. at one, in agreement or harmony.
    Ex. The two judges were at one about the winner. Where Conservative and Labour critics of the Government's policy are at one is their common belief that the Prices and Incomes Bill will not achieve the restrai

  • one
    expr. make one,
    a. to form or be one of a number, assembly, or party.
    Ex. I made one upon that winter's journey of which so many tales have gone abroad (Robert Louis Stevenson).
    b. to join together; unite in marriage.
    Ex. The pa

  • one
    expr. one and all, everyone.
    Ex. Towards this great end it behooves us one and all to work (London Daily News).

  • one
    expr. one by one, one after another.
    Ex. They came out the door one by one. As the teacher called out our names, we stepped up one by one to receive our report cards.

  • one
    expr. one or two, a few.
    Ex. The book was never popular and only one or two copies were sold in the larger bookstores.

  • one
    expr. one up on, (Informal.) an advantage over.
    Ex. The objects of human vituperation ... seem to be pretty well limited to people who are one up on us, and other people's pleasure (Listener).

  • one
    noun 1. the first and lowest whole number; the number 1.
    2. a single person or thing indicated.
    Ex. I like the ones in that box. I gave him the one he wanted. Is this the one I gave you? Are you the one who is going to help?

  • one
    one, noun, adjective, pronoun.

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