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own in English

  • own
    adj. 1. of oneself or itself; belonging to oneself or itself.
    Ex. This is my own book. She makes her own dresses. We have our own troubles.
    2. in closest relationship.
    Ex. Own brothers have the same parents.

  • own
    expr. come into one's own,
    a. to get what belongs to one.
    Ex. His inheritance was held in trust; not until he was twenty-one would he come into his own.
    b. to get the success or credit that one deserves.
    Ex. It was when the prim

  • own
    expr. hold one's own,
    a. to keep one's position against opposition; not be forced back; stand one's ground; make no concessions.
    Ex. Strange superstitions still hold their own in many parts of the world.
    b. to maintain one's strength

  • own
    expr. of one's own, belonging to oneself.
    Ex. You have a good mind of your own.

  • own
    expr. on one's own, not ruled or directed by someone else; on one's own account, responsibility, or resources.
    Ex. When he was a young man, he traveled about the world on his own.

  • own
    expr. own up, to confess fully.
    Ex. The boy owned up to his part in the Hallowe'en prank.

  • own
    noun the one or ones belonging to oneself or itself.
    Ex. The cup ... from which our Lord Drank at the last sad supper with his own (Tennyson).

  • own
    own, verb, adjective, noun.

  • own
    v.i. to confess.
    Ex. I own to being afraid.

  • own
    v.t. 1. to have; possess.
    Ex. I own many books. Enjoy the land but own it not (Henry David Thoreau).
    (SYN) hold.
    2. to admit; confess; acknowledge.
    Ex. He owned his guilt. I own you are right.
    (SYN) concede, grant.

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