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  • part
    adj. less than the whole.
    Ex. part time.

  • part
    adv. in some measure or degree; partly.
    Ex. He spoke in words part heard (Tennyson).

  • part
    expr. bear a part,
    a. to take or sustain a part in a play or in part singing.
    Ex. He bore a part in the school cantata.
    b. to have a share in any action, transaction, or other proceeding.
    Ex. The king himself ... bore a part in

  • part
    expr. for one's (own) part, as far as one is concerned.
    Ex. For my own part, I was indifferent which it might be (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

  • part
    expr. for the most part, mostly; mainly; usually.
    Ex. The attempts were for the most part unsuccessful.

  • part
    expr. in good part, in a friendly or gracious way.
    Ex. I am sure he will take it in good part (Anthony Trollope).

  • part
    expr. in ill (or bad) part, with displeasure or offense.
    Ex. ""People treat us very familiarly,"" said the Frenchman, ""and they do it so innocently that we should be very hard to get on with if we took it in bad part"" (Catherine Drinker Bowen).

  • part
    expr. in part, in some measure or degree; to some extent; partly.
    Ex. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part (I Corinthians 13:9).

  • part
    expr. on the part of one or on one's part,
    a. as far as one is concerned.
    Ex. He was friendly enough on his part.
    b. by one.
    Ex. No objection on my part, I said (Benjamin Jowett).

  • part
    expr. part and parcel, a necessary part.
    Ex. It is part and parcel of their whole tradition of duplicity, sham, and subversion (Wall Street Journal).

  • part
    expr. part from, to go away from; leave.
    Ex. Our poor boy Thornie parted from us today (George Eliot).

  • part
    expr. part with, to give up; let go.
    Ex. The miser hated to part with his gold.

  • part
    expr. parts,
    a. ability; talent.
    Ex. He had a strong face, twinkling bright-blue eyes, and a sand-yellow beard, and he seemed a man of parts (New Yorker).
    b. regions; districts; places.
    Ex. He has traveled much in foreign parts.

  • part
    expr. take part, to take or have a share; participate or be involved.
    Ex. She took no part in the discussion.

  • part
    noun 1. something less than the whole; not all.
    Ex. He ate part of an apple. Cowboys live in the western part of the country.
    2. each of several equal quantities into which a whole may be divided; fraction.
    Ex. A dime is a tenth part o

  • part
    part, noun, verb, adjective, adverb.

  • part
    title role orpart
    the part or character for which a play, motion picture, opera, operetta, or other dramatic work is named. Hamlet and Othello are title roles.

  • part
    v.i. 1. to go apart; separate.
    Ex. The friends parted in anger. We met to part no more (Tennyson).
    2. to be divided into parts; come or go in pieces; break up; break.
    3. (Archaic.)
    a. to die.
    b. to go away; depart.

  • part
    v.t. 1a. to divide into two or more pieces.
    Ex. He parted the old stump with one mighty blow of the ax.
    (SYN) sever, sunder.
    b. (Nautical.) to cause (a rope or cable) to break.
    2. to force apart; divide.
    Ex. The policeman

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