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rose in English

  • rose
    adj. pinkish-red.

  • rose
    adj. roselike.

  • rose
    expr. come up roses, to turn out well.
    Ex. Disasters continually seem to impend but somehow--I touch wood earnestly--everything comes up roses (Alfred Friendly).

  • rose
    expr. under the rose, in secret; privately; sub rosa.
    Ex. There was even a story told, with great mystery, and under the rose, of his having shot the devil with a silver bullet (Washington Irving).

  • rose
    noun 1. a flower that grows on a bush usually with thorny stems. Roses are red, pink, white, or yellow and usually smell very sweet. Wild roses have one circle of petals; cultivated roses usually have more than one circle and are sometimes even cabbage-s

  • rose
    rose (1), noun, adjective, verb, rosed,rosing.

  • rose
    rose (2), verb.
    the past tense of rise.
    Ex. The cat rose and stretched itself.

  • rose
    rose orRose, noun.
    a pink table wine.

  • rose
    v.t. 1. to make rosy.
    Ex. Till all the sails were darken'd in the west, And rosed in the east (Tennyson).
    2. to scent or perfume with rose.

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