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settle in Maithili মৈথিলী

settle in Punjabi ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

settle in English

  • settle
    expr. settle down,
    a. to live a more regular life.
    Ex. Botanizing, music, writing the first chapters of his Confessions, Rousseau seemed to be settling down at Wootton (Listener).
    b. to direct steady effort or attention.
    Ex. Whe

  • settle
    expr. settle for, to be content with; agree upon; accept, often less than one wanted.
    Ex. But neither the star nor the composer was willing to settle for that kind of routine triumph (Henry Hewes).

  • settle
    expr. settle on (or upon), to give (property, a right, or a sum) to by law.
    Ex. He settled one thousand dollars a year upon his old servant.

  • settle
    settle (1), verb, -tled,-tling.

  • settle
    settle (2), noun.
    a long bench, usually with arms and a high back.
    Ex. The man on the settle waited a minute, and then got up and passed the length of the bar (Geoffrey Household).

  • settle
    v.i. 1a. to come to a conclusion; resolve; decide; determine.
    Ex. Have you settled on a day for the picnic?
    b. to arrange matters in dispute; come to terms or agreement (with).
    Ex. to settle with a union.
    2. to be put in order,

  • settle
    v.t. 1a. to make a decision on; determine; decide.
    Ex. Children bring their disputes to Mother to settle. The lama waved a hand to show that the matter was finally settled in his mind (Rudyard Kipling).
    b. to agree upon (as a time, place, or

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