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shove in English

  • shove
    expr. shove off,
    a. to push a boat away from the shore; row away.
    Ex. Into the boat he sprang, and in haste shoved off to his vessel (Longfellow).
    b. (Slang, Figurative.) to leave a place; start on one's way.
    Ex. The older boys

  • shove
    noun 1. an act of shoving; push.
    Ex. He gave the boat a shove which sent it far out into the water. A minor shove by the government from time to time ... (Edmond Taylor).
    2. a rough or careless push or thrust.
    Ex. Someone in the crowd

  • shove
    shove, verb, shoved,shoving,noun.

  • shove
    v.i. 1. to push; apply force against something in order to move it.
    2. to push or jostle in a crowd; make one's way by jostling or elbowing.

  • shove
    v.t. 1. to move (something) forward or along by the application of force from behind; push.
    Ex. We shoved the bookcase into place.
    (SYN) thrust.
    2. to push roughly or rudely against; jostle (a person).
    Ex. The bully shoved me ou

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