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southeast in Nepali नेपाली

southeast in Telugu తెలుగు

southeast in English

  • southeast
    adj. 1. halfway between south and east.
    2. coming from the southeast.
    Ex. a southeast wind.
    3. lying toward or situated in the southeast.
    Ex. a southeast district.
    4. facing the southeast.
    Ex. A southeast window cat

  • southeast
    adv. 1. toward the southeast.
    2. from the southeast.
    3. in the southeast.

  • southeast
    expr. the Southeast, the southeastern part of the U.S.

  • southeast
    noun 1. a southeast direction; the point of the compass or the direction midway between south and east. (Abbr:) SE (no periods).
    2. a place that is in the southeast part or direction.

  • southeast
    southeast, adjective, noun, adverb.

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