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  • stage
    adj. of or having to do with the stage or theater; theatrical.
    Ex. a stage production, a stage designer, stage business, the stage critics.

  • stage
    adj. stagelike.

  • stage
    arena theater orstage,theater-in-the-round.

  • stage
    expr. by easy stages, a little at a time; often stopping; slowly.
    Ex. We climbed the mountain by easy stages.

  • stage
    expr. hold the stage, to be the center of attention.
    Ex. He held the stage all the time. He went on to say that he had killed three of four people (London Times).

  • stage
    expr. on stage, on a stage; before the audience or public.
    Ex. Yet we are on stage, whether we like it or not ... the curtain is about to go up ... and the world is watching (Harper's).

  • stage
    expr. on the stage, being an actor or actress; in the acting profession.
    Ex. If he had gone on the stage he would have made a good actor (E. F. Adeline Sergeant).

  • stage
    expr. set the stage, to prepare the way; set up the necessary conditions.
    Ex. The House set the stage for possible widespread grass-roots protest (New York Times). It's hoped the venture will set the stage for later [bipartisan] efforts (Wall Stree

  • stage
    expr. the stage, the theater; the drama; the actor's profession.
    Ex. Shakespeare wrote for the stage.

  • stage
    noun 1. one step or degree in a process; period of development. An insect passes through several stages before it is full-grown. Frogs pass through a tadpole stage. Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are stages in a person's life.
    Ex. The commun

  • stage
    stage, noun, adjective, verb, staged,staging.

  • stage
    v.i. 1. to be suited to the theater.
    Ex. That scene will not stage well.
    2. to travel by stagecoach.

  • stage
    v.t. 1. to arrange; put on a stage or in an exhibit.
    Ex. to stage an art exhibit. The play was very well staged.
    2. (Figurative.)
    a. to arrange to have an effect; plan and carry out.
    Ex. Mother had staged a surprise for the chil

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