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sucker in Tamil தமிழ்

sucker in English

  • sucker
    noun 1. an animal or thing that sucks.
    2. a young mammal before it is weaned, especially a suckling pig.
    3. any one of various freshwater fishes that suck in food or have toothless, fleshy mouths that suggest sucking.
    4. an organ ada

  • sucker
    sucker, noun, verb.

  • sucker
    v.i. to form or throw up suckers.

  • sucker
    v.t. 1. to strip off suckers or shoots from; remove superfluous young shoots from (as tobacco or corn).
    2. (U.S. Slang.) to treat as a fool or simpleton; deceive; dupe.
    Ex. Let's face it, the real reason why we got suckered into this ... bus

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