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suspicion in Kashmiri कॉशुर

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suspicion in English

  • suspicion
    expr. above suspicion, not to be suspected.
    Ex. Our old servants are above suspicion. The wife of Caesar must be above suspicion (Charles Merivale). The rare red-brown sixpenny Barbados [stamp], unperforated, ... is not altogether above suspicion (

  • suspicion
    expr. on suspicion, because of being suspected.
    Ex. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery. As the result of a student demonstration in which he had played no important part, he [Lenin] was dismissed from the University of Kazan on suspicion as th

  • suspicion
    expr. under suspicion, suspected.
    Ex. He was under suspicion as an accomplice in the theft.

  • suspicion
    noun 1. the state of mind of one who suspects; act of suspecting.
    Ex. The real thief tried to turn suspicion toward others.
    2. an instance of this.
    Ex. Her suspicions were aroused.
    3. the condition of being suspected.

  • suspicion
    suspicion, noun, verb.

  • suspicion
    v.t. (U.S. Dialect.) to suspect.
    Ex. She naturally suspicioned most things she read (Dayton Rommel).

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