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tailgate in English

  • tailgate
    adj. of or designating a style of jazz used in playing the trombone, characterized by extensive use of slides (so called from the place of trombone players on a truck during parades).
    Ex. tailgate blues, a tailgate trombone.

  • tailgate
    noun 1. a board at the back of a wagon, truck, or station wagon that can be let down or removed when loading or unloading.
    Ex. They have a leisurely barbecue, using the tailgate of a station wagon as the buffet table (Sunset).
    2. (Especially

  • tailgate
    tailgate, noun, verb, -gated,-gating,adjective.

  • tailgate
    v.i., v.t. 1. to drive a truck or car too close to the one ahead of it.
    2. (U.S.) to serve or eat a meal or refreshments on the tailgate of a station wagon.
    Ex. Tailgating started ... at Ivy League games, where alumni would serve genteel picn

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