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key in English

  • key
    adj. very important; controlling; fundamental.
    Ex. key factors, key executives, the key industries of the nation.
    (SYN) pivotal.

  • key
    expr. key up,
    a. (Figurative.) to raise the courage or nerve of (to the point of doing something).
    Ex. I keyed myself up to ask for a higher salary.
    b. to raise to a higher pitch.
    Ex. key up a violin.

  • key
    key (1), noun, pl.keys,adjective, verb, keyed,keying.

  • key
    key (2), noun, pl.keys.
    a low island or reef; cay. There are keys in the West Indies and south of Florida.

  • key
    key (3), noun, pl.keys.
    (Slang.) a kilogram of a drug, especially hashish.

  • Key
    Key orkey deer
    a tiny deer, less than 30 inches high, found in the Florida Keys. It is considered to be a variety of the white-tailed deer.

  • key
    noun 1a. a small metal instrument for fastening and unfastening the lock of a door, a padlock, or any similar device.
    Ex. the key to a strongbox. (Figurative.) The love of books, the golden key That opens the enchanted door (Andrew Lang).

  • key
    v.i. 1. to tighten a canvas on a stretcher with a wedge.
    Ex. Stretchers are made about 1/4 inch short to allow for keying (Ralph Mayer).
    2. (U.S. Football.) to use the movements of an offensive player to guide a defensive player's movements.

  • key
    v.t. 1. to fasten or adjust with a key.
    Ex. The hub is often splined instead of keyed to the shaft.
    2. to regulate the pitch of; tune.
    Ex. to key a piano in preparation for a concert.
    3. (Figurative.) to adjust (a speech or othe

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