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toil in Maithili মৈথিলী

toil in Malayalam മലയാളം

toil in Tamil தமிழ்

toil in Urdu اُردُو

toil in English

  • toil
    expr. toils, something like a net or snare.
    Ex. The fly was caught in the toils of the spider. The thief was caught in the toils of the law.

  • toil
    noun 1. hard work; labor.
    Ex. to succeed only after years of toil.
    (SYN) drudgery, travail, effort, exertion.
    2. a spell of hard work; laborious task.
    Ex. All the day's long toil is past (Thomas Hood).
    3. something made o

  • toil
    toil (1), noun, verb.

  • toil
    toil (2), noun.
    a net; snare.
    Ex. A lion was caught in the toil.

  • toil
    v.i. 1. to work hard; labor.
    Ex. to toil with one's hands for a living.
    (SYN) drudge, slave.
    2. to move with difficulty, pain, or weariness.
    Ex. Carrying heavy loads, they toiled up the mountain.

  • toil
    v.t. to bring, make, or obtain by hard work or effort.

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