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undercut in English

  • undercut
    adj. 1. cut away underneath.
    2. done by undercutting.

  • undercut
    noun 1. a cut, or a cutting away, underneath.
    2. a notch cut in a tree to determine the direction in which the tree is to fall and to prevent splitting.
    3. (Especially British.) a tenderloin or fillet of beef.

  • undercut
    undercut, verb, -cut,-cutting,noun, adjective.

  • undercut
    v.i. to undercut a person or thing.

  • undercut
    v.t. 1. to cut under or beneath; cut away material from so as to leave a portion overhanging.
    Ex. to undercut a stratum of rock.
    2. (Figurative.) to weaken; undermine.
    Ex. The announcement ... was timed to undercut attempts ... to mobi

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