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upright in English

  • upright
    adj. 1. standing, sitting, or set up straight; erect.
    Ex. an upright post, a person upright in a chair, a ladder upright against a house, a glass upright on its base.
    2. (Figurative.) morally good; honest; righteous.
    Ex. a thoroughly h

  • upright
    adv. straight up; in a vertical position.
    Ex. Hold yourself upright. Man walks upright on two feet.

  • upright
    adv. uprightly.

  • upright
    noun uprightness.

  • upright
    noun 1. a vertical or upright position.
    2. something standing erect; vertical part or piece.
    3. upright piano.
    4. (U.S.) one of the goal posts in football.

  • upright
    upright, adjective, adverb, noun, verb.

  • upright
    v.t. to raise to an upright position.
    Ex. to upright a rowboat.

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