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wholesale in Nepali नेपाली

wholesale in Tamil தமிழ்

wholesale in English

  • wholesale
    adj. 1. in large lots or quantities.
    Ex. The wholesale price of this coat is $22; the retail price is $30.
    2. selling in large quantities.
    Ex. a wholesale merchant, a wholesale house, a wholesale fruit business.
    3. (Figurative.)

  • wholesale
    adv. in large lots or quantities; at or by wholesale.
    Ex. to buy something wholesale.

  • wholesale
    expr. by wholesale,
    a. in large quantities.
    Ex. a commodity sold by wholesale.
    b. (Figurative.) in a large way and indiscriminately.
    Ex. They despise a valuable book, and ... throw contempt upon it by wholesale (Isaac Watts).

  • wholesale
    noun the sale of goods in large quantities at a time, usually to storekeepers or others who will in turn sell them in small quantities to users.
    Ex. They buy at wholesale and sell at retail.

  • wholesale
    v.i. to be sold in large quantities.
    Ex. Such jackets usually wholesale for much less.

  • wholesale
    v.t. to sell in large quantities.
    Ex. They wholesale these jackets at $10 each. New car dealers are using their good trade-ins instead of wholesaling them (Wall Street Journal).

  • wholesale
    wholesale, noun, adjective, adverb, verb, -saled,-saling.

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