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  • will
    expr. against one's will, unwillingly; in opposition to one's own inclination or to another's wish.
    Ex. to force a child to eat against his will. He that complies against his will is of his own opinion still (Samuel Butler).

  • will
    expr. at will, whenever or wherever one wishes.
    Ex. to allow a President, in case of disability, to delegate whatever powers he thinks necessary to the Vice-President, and to terminate this voluntary delegation of power at will (Newsweek).

  • will
    expr. do the will of, to obey.
    Ex. to do the will of one's parents.

  • will
    expr. with a will, with energy and determination.
    Ex. He got to work with a will and cleaned out the attic.

  • will
    noun willer.

  • will
    noun 1. the power of the mind to decide and do; deliberate control over thought and action.
    Ex. A good leader must have a strong will. The will of man is by his reason swayed (Shakespeare).
    2. the act of choosing to do something, sometimes i

  • will
    v.i. to use the will.

  • will
    v.t. 1. to decide by using the power of the mind; use the will.
    Ex. She willed to keep awake.
    2. to determine; decide.
    Ex. Fate has willed it otherwise.
    (SYN) purpose, intend.
    3. to influence or try to influence by delibe

  • will
    v.t., v.i. to wish, desire, want, or be willing.
    Ex. We cannot always do as we will.

  • will
    will (1), verb, pres. indic. sing., 1st and 3rd pers.will,2ndwillor (Archaic)wilt,3rdwill,pl.will;past tense sing. 1st and 3rd pers.would,2ndwouldor (Archaic)wouldst,pl.would;pp. (Obsolete)wouldorwold;imperative and infinitive lacking.
    auxiliary verb

  • will
    will (2), noun, verb, willed,willing.

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