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far in Dogri डोगरी

far in Kashmiri कॉशुर

far in Tamil தமிழ்

far in Urdu اُردُو

far in English

  • far
    adj. 1. not near; distant.
    Ex. He lives in a far country. The moon is far from the earth. Your birthday is not far from mine.
    (SYN) remote.
    2. more distant.
    Ex. He lives on the far side of the hill.
    3. extending to a grea

  • far
    adv. 1. a long way off in time or space.
    Ex. Far in the past, the Norsemen began sailing westward.
    2. very much.
    Ex. It is far better to go by train. The job was far more difficult than he had imagined.
    3. to an advanced point,

  • far
    expr. as far as, to the distance, point, or degree that.
    Ex. As far as might be, to carve out free space for every human doubt (Tennyson).

  • far
    expr. by far, very much.
    Ex. She is by far the best-looking girl. And the bride-maidens whispered, ""'Twere better by far to have matched our fair cousin with young Lochinvar"" (Scott).

  • far
    expr. far and away, very much.
    Ex. This is far and away the best story I have read this year.

  • far
    expr. far and near, everywhere.
    Ex. We searched far and near for the lost dog.

  • far
    expr. far and wide, everywhere; even in distant parts.
    Ex. This incident made headlines far and wide (Listener).

  • far
    expr. far be it from. See under be.

  • far
    expr. far from it, by no means; not at all.
    Ex. ""For heaven's sake!"" he said, ""I'm not a pessimist--far from it"" (New Yorker).

  • far
    expr. far out, (Informal.) far away from the ordinary or the conventional; avant-garde.
    Ex. [His] innovations in orchestral programming ... have not been that far out (London Times).
    See also far-out.

  • far
    expr. from far, from a distance.
    Ex. But now the trumpet, terrible from far, In shriller clangours animates the war (Joseph Addison).

  • far
    expr. how far. See under how.

  • far
    expr. in so far as. See under insofar.

  • far
    expr. so far as. See under so (1).

  • far
    expr. so far. See under so (1).

  • far
    expr. thus far. See under thus.

  • far
    far, adjective, adverb. farther,farthest.

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