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hare in English

  • hare
    adj. harelike.

  • hare
    expr. mad as a March hare, completely crazy.
    Ex. ... mad not as a March hare but as a mad dog (Sir Thomas More).

  • hare
    expr. start a hare, (British.) to start a controversy,especially as a diversionary tactic.
    Ex. A flavour of rather crude political opportunism has marked [their] conduct. ... They have been adept at scoring cheap points and starting hares (Manchest

  • hare
    hare, noun, pl.haresor (collectively)hare,verb, hared,haring.

  • Hare
    Hare, noun.
    the southern constellation Lepus.

  • hare
    noun 1. a gnawing mammal that has long ears, long hind legs, a short tail, a divided upper lip, and does not burrow. The hare is very much like a rabbit but larger. The jack rabbit is a hare; the cottontail is a rabbit.
    2. one of the quarry in the

  • hare
    Patagonian cavy orhare,mara.

  • hare
    v.i. to move with great speed; run.
    Ex. I seized my binoculars and hared off in pursuit (Maclean's).

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