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honor in Kashmiri कॉशुर

honor in Marathi मराठी

honor in Tamil தமிழ்

honor in English

  • honor
    adj. honorless.

  • honor
    expr. do honor to,
    a. to show honor to; treat with great respect.
    Ex. He did me the honour to say that this was precisely true (E. E. Hale).
    b. to do credit to; bring honor to.
    Ex. She does honor to her upbringing.

  • honor
    expr. do the honors, to act as host or hostess.
    Ex. The mayor called this morning to do the honours of the town (Dickens).

  • honor
    expr. honor bright, (Informal.) truly; honestly.
    Ex. I finished all my homework, honor bright.

  • honor
    expr. honors,
    a. special favors or courtesies.
    Ex. Others ... came, and were healed: who also honoured us with many honours (Acts 28:9, 10).
    b. special mention, grade, or credit given to a student by a school, college, or university f

  • honor
    expr. on one's honor, pledged to speak the truth and to do what is right.
    Ex. to put students on their honor not to cheat in examinations.

  • honor
    honor, noun, verb.

  • Honor
    Honor, noun.
    a title of respect used in speaking to a judge, mayor, governor, senator, or similar public official.
    Ex. His Honor the Judge.

  • honor
    noun (Especially U.S.)1. glory; fame; renown.
    Ex. Alexander Graham Bell won honor and wealth for inventing the telephone.
    (SYN) reputation.
    2. good name; credit for acting well.
    Ex. It was greatly to her honor that she refused

  • honor
    noun honorer.

  • honor
    v.t. 1. to respect highly; think highly of.
    Ex. Everyone honors justice.
    2. to show respect to; treat with honor.
    Ex. We honor our country's dead soldiers every year on Memorial Day.
    3. to give an honor to; favor.
    Ex. to b

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