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jolly in Gujarati ગુજરાતી

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jolly in English

  • jolly
    adj. 1. very cheerful; full of fun; merry.
    Ex. And then shook his ears, and was as jolly as ever (Charles Kingsley).
    (SYN) gay, joyful, mirthful, jovial.
    2. (Especially British Informal.)
    a. pleasant or delightful.
    Ex. a

  • jolly
    adv. (Especially British Informal.) extremely; very.
    Ex. a jolly good time. My friend, you made a mistake, and you jolly well know it (Rudyard Kipling).

  • jolly
    adv. jollily.

  • jolly
    jolly, adjective, -lier,-liest,adverb, verb, -lied,-lying,noun, pl.-lies.

  • jolly
    noun jollier.

  • jolly
    noun jolliness.

  • jolly
    noun 1. (Informal.) flattering words to make a person feel good or agreeable, often to gain some end.
    2. (Informal.) gay entertainment; merrymaking.
    3. (British Slang.) a royal marine.

  • jolly
    v.i. 1. (Informal.) to jolly someone; banter.
    2. to make merry.

  • jolly
    v.t. 1. (Informal.) to flatter (a person) to make him feel good or agreeable.
    Ex. Jolly him up a bit.
    2. to tease playfully; banter.

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