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judge in English

  • judge
    adj. judgelike.

  • judge
    judge, noun, verb, judged,judging.

  • judge
    noun judger.

  • judge
    noun 1. a public official appointed or elected to hear and decide cases in a law court.
    Ex. The judge sentenced the speeding driver to pay a fine and hear a lecture on dangerous driving.
    2. a person chosen to settle a dispute or to decide wh

  • judge
    v.i. 1. to act as judge.
    Ex. God must judge 'twixt man and me (Robert Browning).
    2. to make up one's mind; form an opinion or estimate.

  • judge
    v.t. 1a. to hear and decide (cases) in a law court.
    Ex. The court was unable to judge the case before all the evidence was put before it.
    b. to decree; order.
    2. to settle (a dispute); decide on (in a contest).
    Ex. The officials

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