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little in Bengali বাংলা

little in Konkani कोंकणी

little in Punjabi ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

little in Tamil தமிழ்

little in Urdu اُردُو

little in English

  • little
    adj. 1. not great or big; small. A grain of sand is little.
    Ex. She was called tall and gawky by some ... of her own sex, who prefer littler women (Thackeray).
    2. short; not long in time or distance; brief.
    Ex. Wait a little while and

  • little
    adv. 1. in a small amount or degree; slightly.
    Ex. The teacher read from an interesting book that was little known to us. A zeal little tempered by humanity (Macaulay). They live in a little-known town. Little-known metals are now coming into use (

  • little
    expr. in little, on a small scale; in miniature.
    Ex. to paint in little. A miniature of loveliness, all grace summ'd up ... in little (Tennyson).

  • little
    expr. little by little, by a small amount at a time; slowly; gradually.
    Ex. Weak and dead for hunger, I went little by little up the street (David Rowland).

  • little
    expr. make little of, to treat as of little importance.
    Ex. She made little of her troubles.

  • little
    expr. not a little, a great deal; much; extremely; very.
    Ex. We are not a little upset by the incident.

  • little
    expr. think little of,
    a. to not value much; consider as unimportant or worthless.
    Ex. the critic thought little of the painting.
    b. to not hesitate about.
    Ex. He thought little of commuting to Washington.

  • little
    little, adjective, lessorlesser,least;orlittler,littlest;adverb, less,least;noun.

  • little
    noun littleness.

  • little
    noun 1. a small amount, quantity, or degree.
    Ex. Add a little. He had a big box of candy but gave his sister only a little. He knows very little about the subject.
    2. a short time or distance.
    Ex. Move a little to the left. After a lit

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