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mist in Dogri डोगरी

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mist in English

  • mist
    adj. mistless.

  • mist
    adj. mistlike.

  • mist
    mist, noun, verb.

  • mist
    noun 1. a cloud of very fine drops of water in the air; fog; haze.
    Ex. As the sun rose it burned off the clouds of low mist in the valleys.
    2. (U.S.) a fine drizzle.
    3. a cloud of very fine drops of any liquid in the air.
    Ex. A

  • mist
    v.i. 1. to come down in mist; rain in very fine drops; drizzle.
    Ex. It is misting.
    2. to become covered with mist; become dim.
    Ex. The windows are misting.

  • mist
    v.t. to cover with a mist; put a mist before; make dim.
    Ex. Tears misted her eyes. The composer gazed absently out of the misted window (London Times).

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